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About Us

Prometheus Financial Advisory is an independent economic and financial advisory firm, headed by Yuval Zilberstein (CPA), Eyal Schewach (B.Sc., MBA), Eli Malka (CPA), Ben Orion (CPA), and Gideon Peltz (CPA).


Since its establishment, the firm has conducted thousands of projects for leading private and public companies, including hundreds of projects for public companies, which are listed on leading stock exchange indices in Israel and abroad. Prometheus’ specialists serve as expert witnesses in complex cases, which are heard in economic and district courts. Our experts also advise the Tax Authority on transfer pricing issues.


We take great care in providing our clients with first-rate personalized professional support and services, based on each and every client’s needs, while maintaining a high level of creativity, reliability and punctuality.Prometheus’ professional team comprises experienced economists, accountants and attorneys, who have an in-depth understanding of numerous financial issues.

Yuval Zilberstein (CPA)

Founding Partner and CEO

Mr. Zilberstein (CPA), is an expert in his field, with over 20 years of experience in conducting valuations, analyzing financial statements, preparing expert opinions and providing a diverse range of financial advisory services to companies and businesses. Mr. Zilberstein also serves as an expert on behalf of the economic court, in numerous complex cases.

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Eyal Szewach, MBA, B.Sc.

Founding Partner and Head of Technology and Hi-Tech

Mr. Szewach is an expert in his field, with over a decade of experience in valuations and financial analyses in the areas of technology, communications and complex financial models. He has a successful record of analyzing complex technology business processes, and possesses an in-depth understanding of these issues by virtue of his extensive technological experience. He also provides expert opinions to courts.

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Eli Malka (CPA)

Partner and Head of Financial Accounting and Financial Instruments

Mr. Malka is an expert in his field, with over seven years of experience in financial advisory services, business valuations, financial statements analyses, debt settlements, advising clients on share offerings and valuation of compound financial instruments in accordance with international accounting principles (US-GAAP and IFRS) as well as Israeli accounting standards for financial reporting purposes.

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