Corporate Valuations

Whether pertaining to the value of a business, brand or compensation plan, the valuation process is a top priority for companies and organizations today. A valuation that is backed by in-depth knowledge and extensive experience can potentially tip the ballot when it comes to decisions pertaining to mergers, acquisitions, takeovers, impairment testing, intangible assets valuation or for tax purposes.

Prometheus’ experts will provide you, business owners and managers, with the most reliable and professional information, enabling you to make the right business decisions in real time. The firm’s team has assisted numerous companies throughout the process of preparing financial and accounting valuations, which are filed to the Israel Securities Authority and to the US SEC, as well as to the Israeli and US tax authorities.

This valuable experience enables us to streamline work procedures with the different regulatory entities.

Services Offered

Company Valuations Prior
To M&A Deals

Adding maximum value as a result of an acquisition requires a deep understanding of various business aspects, such as the real economic value of the acquired/sold company, transaction feasibility, the effect of the transaction on post-transaction financial statements, on future performance of the acquiring/selling company and on the value of the intangible assets of of the acquired company. As part of this service, we also provide tools for negotiation and making Go/No Go decisions, based on value and an economic analysis of the opportunity and the projections, in accordance with all available financial data and the company’s business considerations.

Company Valuations for Accounting Purposes in Accordance with International, US and Israeli Accounting Standards

Prometheus has extensive experience working with companies that are listed on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange, the NASDAQ and the London Stock Exchange. We also have in-depth understanding of accounting standards and with dealings with local regulatory authorities.

Valuation for Business Restructuring and Spin-offs

Valuations for purposes of business restructuring and spin-offs are relevant for decision making as well as for income tax purposes. The firm’s partners have acquired extensive experience in preparing such valuations.

Corporate Valuations for Public Offering Purposes

Prometheus has vast experience working with companies at the stage of Initial Public Offering (IPO) on the Israel stock exchange, NASDAQ and London stock exchange. Prometheus also has vast knowledge of various financial reporting standards and specializes in working with the local regulatory authorities.






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