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Prometheus Financial Advisory is an independent economic and financial consultancy firm, headed by Yuval Zilberstein (CPA), Eyal Szewach (B.Sc., MBA), Eli Malka (CPA) Gideon Peltz (CPA), and Annabelle Saar (CPA).

Since its inception, the firm has carried out thousands of projects, including hundreds of projects for public companies, which are traded on stock exchanges in Israel and abroad, as well as for leading private companies. Prometheus’s team of professionals also serve as experts on behalf of the economic and district courts, advising on complex legal cases. The firm’s experts also advise the Israeli Tax Authority on matters relating to transfer pricing.

Prometheus Financial Advisory is the Israeli member of Valuation Research Group (VRG). VRG a global organization, provides expert and independent opinions of value for business enterprises, intangible assets, real estate, and personal property. VRG has served clients in over 60 countries and has over 1,300 professionals based in nearly 50 offices across 5 continents.
Multinational engagements are managed locally by a single point of contact and executed by professionals located in their respective countries. VRG valuation specialists have intimate knowledge of local economies, languages, cultures, and legislative frameworks.

Prometheus’s partners and managers have between them tens of years of experience in providing financial advisory services to leading companies, personally heading the valuation and financial opinion processes. The firm’s partners and managers work in collaboration with a team of highly experienced professionals including expert economists, IT professionals, accountants and attorneys, all of whom have extensive knowledge of a wide range of financial and economic issues.

Prometheus has a proven and successful track record in all aspects of advising and supporting companies as part of business and strategic processes. The firm also has extensive experience in performing complex economic and financial analyses, which are often required at key decision-making points, utilizing various cutting-edge financial information systems which enable professional and comprehensive analyses.

The firm’s staff and management maintain a high level of professionalism, incorporating creative solutions that provide real added value to clients at different stages of a business’s development. Clients range from start-ups at the fundraising and product-development stages to mature companies, which are facing decisions pertaining to mergers, acquisitions and public offerings.

All services are customized to suit clients’ needs. The firm’s services include valuations and financial advisory services in preparation to M&As, valuation of financial instruments, company valuations for financial purposes in accordance with the requirements of international, U.S. and Israeli accounting principles, expert opinions to courts, opinions for tax purposes, including transfer prices, solvency opinions and preparation of business plans and investor presentations.

Our partners over the world


We are committed to maintaining a high level of accessibility and providing personal attention to our clients, offering thorough, professional and creative financial advisory services that add real value.


All of our teams are aware of the great responsibility that comes with providing financial services and the impact thereof on the activities of our clients, their managers and employees. Therefore, we take care to conduct an in-depth analysis of the company and its business environment. We incorporate advanced economic theories, extensive industry knowledge, and cutting-edge financial systems in each project.


We conduct our work meticulously and reliably, ensuring that we prevent conflicts of interest and maintain full confidentiality in all matters relating to all parties involved with the company or the deal in question.

Business Oriented

The firm’s team has a proven track record, which reflects its comprehensive business understanding and its extensive experience in analyzing strategic processes.

These combined assets position Prometheus Financial Advisory as the partner of choice for leading companies requiring valuations and economic analyses at key decision-making points.






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