Advanced Financial and Economic Solutions for Start-ups

Although Israel is known to be the start-up and exits nation, many start-up companies are facing the danger of going out of business due to funding difficulties or wrong business focus. Our ability to provide a wide range of professional services, combined with our interdisciplinary expertise, and extensive experience working with technology companies and start-ups operating in various sectors, enables us to provide clients with a broad view of the start-up industry in Israel and abroad. We offer significant added value to corporate leadership teams and to funds throughout all phases of activity in order to assist them in making the decisions that will benefit them most. Our work takes into account all factors that impact the company’s activities from the seed stage to an IPO, encompassing all aspects of the business plan. Our goal is to create synergy between the interests of all parties involved. The firm’s team personally supports owners and finance personnel, adding value to the formation of funding and business strategies, while taking into account all future considerations.

Services Offered

Advise and Support
during Funding Rounds

Supporting the company throughout the funding rounds up to closing, including the due diligence relating to the funding round; providing advisory services and supporting IPOs in Israel and abroad, performing pre-money valuations at various stages and creating funding plans.

Advise and Support
during the Incorporation Stage

conducting a financial feasibility assessment and carrying out market research.

Financial Advisory Services
from Seed to IPO

Preparing business plans, preparing financial plans for visa applications filed to the US immigration authorities, Cap Table management and advisory services regarding employee compensation – determining compensation structure, relocation, preparing employee options plans, etc.

Advisory Services Relating to Financial Statements and Tax Aspects

Measuring the fair value of employee and consultants’ options, preparing 409A valuations for the IRS as part of the employee stock options plans, providing accounting services as part of a public offering, valuation of intangible assets, transfer prices and measurement of the fair value of liabilities to the Chief Scientist Office.






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