Corporate Valuations for Issuing Purposes

Today’s financial, regulatory and accounting environments require a comprehensive and deep understanding of financial instruments in order to measure market risks across a wide spectrum of disciplines. The financial instruments market has developed remarkably during recent years, with the scope of transactions today estimated at $1.2 quadrillion, ten times the global GDP.


Following the financial crisis of 2008, authorities began to intensify regulation and updated various accounting standards. The impact of the amended accounting standards on companies’ financial statements is increasing, making the pricing and presentation of financial instruments highly challenging for companies.


Applying the appropriate treatment to these instruments and the revaluation thereof may significantly reduce the risk of errors and misstatements in financial statements and will greatly simplify the controls, which the company’s auditor is required to carry out.  


Prometheus’ financial instruments department has extensive experience working with companies from various industries, which include start-ups, banks and institutions, offering them a comprehensive solution for all aspects of valuation of financial instruments – starting with the transaction stage up to the presentation and accounting treatment. Our team of professionals utilize advanced information systems and complex models, which accurately reflect the economic, financial, accounting and regulatory aspects of those instruments.

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