Forensic Accounting

The objective of forensic accounting is to combine accounting analysis with economic and statistical analysis in cases in which there is suspicion of unsound financial/accounting practice which might develop into financial irregularities and even various acts of deception, such as fraud and embezzlement. In such cases, it is necessary to locate suspects and/or suspicions in order to prevent the continuation of such irregularities. Use of the forensic accounting tool includes a combination of economic and accounting monitoring of financial assets and liabilities by cross-checking them with various financial movements in order to locate unusual scenarios during the financial, business and operational processes that might impact the business’s financial results and its economic solidity or favor certain shareholders / executives at the expense of others.

Our firm provides financial accounting services for use in court following appointment on behalf of the court and also for public and private companies, banks, insurance companies, non-profit organizations, government ministries and other private entities. These involve investigation, location and prevention of embezzlement and irregularities, damage quantification, as well as failure analysis of working processes. Our office accompanies most of the leading law firms in Israel dealing with litigation, by preparing expert opinions, with the aid of a forensic accountant and by appearing as expert witnesses in court. Moreover, the firm’s staff, led by CPA Yuval Zilberstein, has been appointed as an examiner and investigator on behalf of the courts to conduct forensic accounting.

Over the years, the firm’s staff has dealt with dozens of embezzlement investigations for the leading organizations in the economy, using the forensic approach along with state-of-the-art forensic techniques including dedicated software. The firm’s staff is composed of accountants and economists with practical experience in leading forensic accounting investigations. The members of our team are used to working with the utmost discretion, professionalism and in cooperation with our clients to attain effective results.

The major advantage of our firm is the winning combination of profound economic understanding based on many years of experience together with accounting and statistical tools, with proven value following impressive successes in complex legal disputes.

Our services include, inter alia:






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