Financial Opinions (Solvency / Business Plans)

Prometheus Financial Advisory specializes in the preparation of financial valuations in a range of areas. In recent years, the firm has conducted thousands of economic projects, many of which for public companies listed on leading indices of Israeli and international stock exchanges (mainly NASDAQ and London).


The opinions prepared by the firm are based on economic and professional analyses, using a range of advanced systems and databases, including unique systems developed by Prometheus. Our firm has extensive experience working with various regulatory entities and an in-depth understanding of international, US and Israeli accounting standards.


We collaborate with all client functions, assisting management throughout all stages of decision-making processes, aiming to maximize the business potential of all transactions they are involved in.

Services Offered

Solvency Opinions

In recent years, managements and boards of directors are increasingly expected to conduct a thorough examination of dividend distribution and capital reductions in order to meet the solvency tests. Prometheus’s experts have acquired vast and valuable experience in preparing solvency opinions for public companies, including cases involving capital reduction, which require court approval. When necessary, we serve as expert witnesses, representing the company in the court of law.

Business Plans

A business plan is a crucial document that significantly impacts all stages of a company’s development, from incorporation through maturity. We specialize in preparation of business plans, which include comprehensive financial models, for start-ups and established companies, which have a considerable market share and are planning to raise capital or sell their business. 

These business plans provide an in-depth analysis of the industry and business environment in which the company and its competitors operate. They also analyze and quantify the business potential of the company. Our financial models are dynamic and take into account numerous parameters, thereby offering clients an analytical tool with which to define the venture’s business model and make decisions based on economic principles (such as profit, return and risk).






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