Financial Advisory for M&A

M&A transactions require a thorough examination of the transaction value as well as the economic conditions under which negotiations are conducted. Prometheus Financial Advisory has extensive experience and a proven track record in conducting thorough analyses of all transaction value aspects, starting with valuations for transaction purposes, determining merger ratios, valuation of contingent consideration, and preparation of fairness opinions. We advise our clients throughout the entire transaction, while conducting a financial-business analysis. At the heart of this analysis is a meticulous examination of the market and its potential (including business data pertaining to market competition) and benchmarking.

Our work is conducted in full collaboration with our clients, while maintaining full discretion amongst all parties involved, with the aim of providing decision makers with tools required to achieve maximal transaction return. Clients receive creative tools that allow them to optimally develop the transaction and carry it out in its entirety.  

Services Offered

PPA Projects

Purchase Price Allocation projects play a vital role in accounting for business combinations and they are conducted in accordance with the relevant accounting standards. Each asset, whether customer relations or company-owned intellectual property, is relevant and requires valuation. Prometheus experts have acquired vast experience in preparing numerous PPA opinions for public companies in Israel and abroad in a wide range of industries.

Transaction Feasibility Analysis

Our analysis helps clients assess their investments in existing businesses, companies and start-ups, while examining new industries and products, and expanding their activities. Our work is tailored to suit the needs of each client, based on our extensive experience working with numerous clients across a range of industries. In addition to a financial and business analysis, our work also covers a wide range of parameters, including examination of repayment capabilities and optimal debt structure, transaction feasibility analysis in terms of transaction value, examination of seller’s projections, synergy analysis, financial statements analysis and various economic analyses such as market analysis and competitive market positioning, as well as the assessments of different exposures.

Pre-PPA Reports

Our firm specializes in the preparation of Pre-PPA reports, aiming to evaluate the potential impact of the transaction on the purchasing company’s post-transaction financial statements, as well as the tax consequences. A Pre-PPA work may potentially influence the actual decision of whether or not to purchase the company and the purchasing method which is to be used. As part of our Pre-PPA work we prepare a pro-forma statement of income or loss of the purchasing company.

Due Diligence for M&A

The firm’s leaders have a proven track record in professionally investigating the potential investment or purchase, including investment in or purchase of technology companies. They analyze company data, projections and financial statements with the aim of helping the client understand what makes a transaction successful. Due diligence is a tool that supports the final decision of whether or not to purchase or invest in a certain company.






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