Itamar Verbner (CPA)

Mr. Verbner has extensive experience in performing economic and accounting works, including valuations, analyzing financial statements, measuring financial instruments, project’s pricing, agreement’s analysis, preparing business plans and providing financing support for transactions in Israel and abroad, while working for a broad range of public and governmental institutions as well as other entities in many sectors and industries.

Prior to joining Prometheus, Mr. Verbner has served as a senior accountant at PwC Israel and provided services to many private and public companies of different sizes. Then, served as head of finance department at a government company as well as a CFO at 2 Infrastructure companies.

Itamar is a licensed Certified Public Accountant (CPA) in Israel and holds an MBA in Business Administration (Finance and Entrepreneurship) and a BA in Accounting and Economics, both from Bar Ilan University


Financial advisory during capital reduction

Ministry of Justice

Consulted in numerous complex legal disputes in matters of accounting, financial analysis, and valuation services

Mizrahi Tefahot

Financial advisory in core areas of the bank’s business


Financial advisory in core areas of the company’s business

Israel Ports

Consulting in acquisition of the operations of Ashdod Port and Haifa Port

Government Companies Authority

Financial advisory in core areas of the company’s business






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